Thought for the day, Tuesday 14th March

“Tikkun Olam (repair of the world): Insofar as a progressive spirituality is committed to a politics that makes the world safe for itself, such a spirituality realizes itself in action. It strives in large and small ways to provide the fundamental preconditions for human dignity and planetary survival: food, shelter, a fair share of the Earth’s resources in the context of respect for the Earth; but also the right to name one’s own situation and desires, and to define and participate in the shaping and healing of history and creation. Such a struggle is not separate from awareness of God or the affirmation of human dignity, but is its complement and expression. Through politics, we become responsible members of a human community rooted in a far larger community and purpose. Through spirituality, we cultivate awareness of the sacred pervading the world, a presence that continually compels us to honor it through action.”

Judith Plaskow, feminist theologian and activist, born on this day in 1947

Finding Home #46 “Tikkun ha- Olam” by Siona Benjamin

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