Thought for the day, Sunday 19th March

Love Song to the Great Mother by Mirabai Starr

“Beloved One,
Our sister, Mother Earth,
Sacred Woman, Holy Girl,
Crucible of Mercy and Fire of Truth,
Thank you.
We have called and you have come.

You descend on the wings of pain,
the wings of joy,
Bringing solace and vitality.
You rise through the roots of the trees
Spreading shelter, offering refuge.
You enter through the cries of the young
Demanding protection for the vulnerable.

Even as we bow before your beautiful body,
You affirm the beauty of our bodies.
You bless every particle of creation
With your Divine Presence.

We welcome you, who have lived long enough in exile,
To dwell among us again.
We offer ourselves
As your loving stewards,
Your beloved reluctant prophets,
Radiant reflections
Of your own Sacred Self.

Thank you.
Thank you.
And again we give thanks.”

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